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Personalized Web Design & Copywriting

The NiCe Work

We specialize in creating websites that are extremely personal, because in a sea of blank and...well, boring pages, people gravitate the most to ones that sound like a real person!

On our call, we'll get into what you want to accomplish, who you are and what you're trying to say with your website.

Then, we can go over all of the exciting parts and find out exactly what you'll need to help get you there. Everything from curated social media ads, to newsletters and blogs, or just a killer personal CV or one page site. We're here to get your message across and help you on your way to success!

BOOK YOUR 30 min free call.

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Content Creation & Ads

Blog posts, social media content and ads; ya know, the things that bring in the ROI!

* Starting at $500

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Web Design

YOUR site - one that speaks in your brand's voice and engages your audience.

* Starting at  $700

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We'll craft your message how you want to say it. We want your clients to  feel who's talking.

* Starting at $400

The Definition of NiCe

Nick and Celia (NiCe) have worked separately in the creative and graphic design fields for several years. 

After growing tired of working for large companies and mystery corporate CEO's, they decided instead, to join forces and develop a client base of their own.

With the singular goal of helping build a platform for others who are as NiCe as they are. 

Nick - Co-Founder

What Our Clients Are Saying

I really didn't have the time to put together a website myself, and going through a huge agency just seemed intimidating. Nick and Celia were punctual, kind and professional and really listened to what I needed. Couldn't have asked for more.

Travis Callahan - Independent Producer/Director

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